A bodyguard also known as executive protection agent is an essential aspect of fulfilling your security needs. Zeus Protection services live up to offering all of your security needs and more in a topnotch manner. They provide bodyguard services to important delegates, celebrities, and other high profile personnel. These services are available nation-wide within South Africa and internationally.

Zeus Protection is owned and managed by Zeus Zakhele Thambe. He and his team are all highly specialized in the security industry being exceedingly qualified and skilled with years of experience in their field of work. Zeus Protection excels in providing bodyguard services, personalized discrete protection, celebrity protection services, executive VIP protection services, event security (exhibitions, sport and entertainment), court escorts, airport transfers, and charter services. Through which their clients’ personal and public life is made safer and easier.

Zeus Protection Services have been designed in a way to cater to the diverse needs of their clients which can be personalized. The VIP Protection Services provided are cost-effective providing bodyguards which have years of hands-on experience in their field of line and are as pro-active as one can be.

Bodyguards at Zeus Protection have been recruited from various disciples each having their own set of training approaches. They have been trained in a way where they naturally blend in with the client and opt for a low profile or furtive style of operation. To add to that, Zeus Protection Services offer signing a Non-Disclosure or a Confidentiality Agreement which secures and ensures that the clients’ privacy and propriety or personal information is being protected at all cost.

Here are 7 of the most important benefits one can attain from hiring bodyguard services:

  • Sense of Safety

Having a bodyguard close by is bound to ensure the safety of the client in a way which ensures having mental satisfaction and assurance that things that you deem as a priority are protected may it be your own safety or your family’s, important valuables, and the overall safety concerning your home, business or an upcoming important event.

  • Sense of Security

Bodyguards convey a sense of security with their sheer presence at all times by being close by. Bodyguards are professional in the sense that they should be able to remain calm and contained even in the midst of a threatening or hostile and an unpredictable situation. And enact in a composed manner.

  • Prevention

Bodyguards have an in-depth knowledge of their expertise which is bound to show through their practices and styles such as in conveying messages. All of which should add up to the skill-set bodyguards possess in preventing a hazardous situation which may otherwise have caused a grave amount of damage.

  • Provide Privacy

Being able to acquire privacy from the public eye in both your private life and your public life is also an added benefit. Bodyguards provide an added sense of privacy to their client which is exactly what one requires when being constantly in the public eye.

  • Peace of mind

Being constantly in the eyes of the people can get exhausting and infuriating over time. This can be toned down with the knowledge that a bodyguard is present at all times nearby which helps create peace of mind and a sense of control.

  • Help Manage the Crowd

The most efficient bodyguards are known to be the ones who are able to observantly read and assess both people and situations. To which, they must deliver the prerequisite services may a situation come up where the crowd should be managed in a calm and contained manner.

  • Help Deter Danger

Trained bodyguards have a sense of when an unpredictable situation may arise and have their training kick in, which allows them to make in-the-moment decisions and give clear security directions.


Zeus Protection offers personalised, discrete VIP protection with our Bodyguard Protection Service. Personal Bodyguards for hire, we are the preferred personal security bodyguard company in South Africa and Internationally.

We offer a personalised, discrete VIP protection to VIP personnel, delegates, high profile individuals and other persons who may have a high public profile, accorded special privileges due to their status or importance.

Contact us to book our VIP Protection & Bodyguard services.

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