When it comes to babies, they require an extra amount of care and effort. Having a thermometer is bound to come in handy whether in checking the baby’s temperature or checking the temperature of external things such as the temperature of the water before giving the baby a bath. Having a smart thermometer is just a welcomed addition. When you have a baby, you already have a handful of things to do on your plate. As a result, having additional help from such smart gadgets would be more than welcome!

Some of the smartest infrared baby thermometers are as follows:

  • Digital Thermometer With Infrared

This thermometer can tell the temperature of your baby with infrared technology without having any form of contact with the baby. The temperature can be measured on the infrared baby thermometer by aiming it close to the forehead after which it will read the temperature and it will be displayed on the LCD behind the thermometer.

  • Baby Nipple Pacifier Thermometer

This is yet another innovative way to measure the temperature of your baby. You can place the pacifier thermometer nipple in your baby’s mouth and the thermometer will automatically read the temperature of your baby. The temperature will then be displayed on the LCD behind the pacifier.

  • Forehead Head Strip Thermometer

This thermometer can be used without disturbing the peace of the baby or making the baby uncomfortable. It is a non-toxic strip which is safe to use on your baby. To measure the temperature of your baby, you will have to place the strip on your baby’s forehead and then read the temperature from the strip.

  • Water Thermometer

Before giving your baby a bath, you need to make sure that the water is at the right temperature, and not too hot or too cold for your baby. A water thermometer can be placed in the water and you will be easily able to read the temperature of the water instantly.

  • Water Shower Thermometer

A water shower thermometer is a self-electricity generating thermometer, which means that it has a built-in water power generator and will not require batteries. It also comes with an LED display and an energy-smart meter, from which you can read the temperature of the water even in the dark. This thermometer is a great asset to own when you have a baby and need to occasionally run a bath for him/her.