Ways to get clear skin free of acne and pimples

Imagine waking up in the morning looking in the mirror and there is a bump on your skin, yes you got it right we are talking about acne and pimples. And there are pretty good ways to get rid of them from your diet plan to your habit of choosing the right product for your skin. So let’s get started.

So the first tip for you guys is fats fats fats and by fats, I mean healthy fats. Your diet is a huge part of your skin. Your skin is the body’s biggest organ. When you are eating unhealthy it will flourish through your skin.

When you are eating healthy again it will flourish through your skin. Fats are so good for your skin because they contain omega six fatty acids which are the building blocks for your cell membrane. When you eat a lot of fats not only it hydrates your skin but it also radiates your skin. Some healthy fats that are recommended are coconut oil, avocado oil, Fish, olives nuts.

Less is more

The fewer products you put on your skin the better. You want simplistic products, you want to stick to the product you do have quality over quantity. Stick to what works for you.

Don’t hop around different products because your skin is just gonna go haywire.Keep in mind that whenever you change your skin care or you trying on a new product, a lot of the time it takes a while for your skin to get used to it. Find one product and stick to it. We don’t want twenty different products. Just stick to one

Wait it out

If you happen to have a pimple or two do not pop it touch it play with it put makeup on it. It is so important to let it breathe, let it do its thing and it will go away on its own. It might take a few days it might look ugly but trust me it’s worth it. It’s better than popping it. Sometimes you may have to pop it out when its not Acne. An example can sebaceous filaments cure when a doctor clear your pores.

You might get a scar and all that bacteria you just popped out not only did it get on your fingers it also spread out through that area you just popped it.

Wash your sheets

Wash your sheets once every week or two weeks. When you laying down on your pillow our access oil bacteria and dirt especially if you didn’t clean your makeup before falling to sleep is going to accumulate on your pillow and sheets.

If you don’t wash your pillow sheets you will be sleeping on it and rubbing your face over it every single night all bacteria build up is going to be on your face.

Something’s missing

You could be missing something. If you are having irritations on your skin if you’re having different problems odds are you have a vitamin deficiency or you are not getting nutrients in your diet. Again your diet plays a huge role in your skin.

If your skin starts messing up the first thing is to look at your diet. look for some vitamin deficiency effects like lack of vitamin A means you can have scaly dry skin, lack of vitamin D you have very flaky irritative skin

Vitamin E you are likely to get prone sun damage and if you are lacking vitamin c you get very scaly and rough skin.

Last but not the least to go to a professional. You do need their advice which will help you out for long.