What is the trending bridal photo album theme in Pakistan & India?

A photograph is an art of capturing beautiful moments of life as a memory for you. The most memorable moment in anyone’s life is their wedding day. Wedding photography is the most demanding and trending photography in Pakistan nowadays.

We have so many outstanding photographers that capture all the beauty for your wedding day in an album.

Making an album is not a piece of cake. The whole event is covered using different themes in an album. The bridal photoshoot is the main eye-catching theme in an album, after all, it’s their wedding day and bridal pictures are of the main focus.


The trends have been changed enormously setting the bars high in the making of wedding albums. Choosing the perfect location should be your priority.

There are studios with large setups to cover the background for the album. But speaking of today’s wedding albums trend, outdoor photography is in high demand.

Architectural buildings, vintage locations adds a classical theme to photoshoot. Pakistani photoshoots in today’s trend choose such types of places that give natural and ancient them to pictures with the touch of tradition.

Color theme

While choosing any theme in the bridal album, color selection is the major goal. Colors add dimensions to the pictures.

When the color theme is chosen correctly, the beauty of images increases ten times. People opt for a monochrome theme which adds rhythm to the whole album.

Monochrome color is chosen according to the bridal dress color to give the whole subtle theme to the picture.

The sequence of the event

Layout of anything is important. From the beginning to the end, everything should be synchronized. Each occasion has its album like the Mehdi album or Baraat album.

One separate album is specially designed for bridal and groom photo shoot, after all, it’s their big day they will get VIP treatment. Every moment is captured with uniqueness. Natural shots give a livelier feel.

Quality over quantity

The biggest day of your life, you want everything to be perfect for you then why compromise on quality? Quantity doesn’t matter if the quality is not up to the mark.

Less doesn’t matter as long as it is the best. Choose the album cover wisely. Don’t go out of the theme stick to one theme and manage all the parts according to it.

Use good quality thick paper. Use a cover for the album to keep it safe from any external damage.

Add on

Giving a unique touch of creativity attracts everyone’s attention.  Don’t just go with the pictures, use quotations along with pictures printed on the album.

The family pictures section should be considered and designed properly.  From bride and grooms entry to rukhsati, every moment should be captured. The stage setting is equally covered as it is the main focus of any Pakistani wedding.

It will increase the stability if the decorations are also considered according to the wedding theme. Use of props is very in nowadays. Use slogans like ‘he is mine’ ‘happily married’ ‘Mr.’ ‘Mrs.’ ‘team bride’ etc. pose with these props and rock your wedding album.