YouTube was launched in 2004 and after one year of its launching, Time magazine was voted this video sharing giant as ‘invention of the year’ in 2005. It has become one of the biggest video sharing site and the second most famous search engine in the world. YouTube is a platform where you can upload, share and view videos that are accessible for everyone all over the world. YouTube has revolutionized the world due to its massive reach that leads to giving a good web traffic. Here we will discuss how you promote your brand by optimizing your videos and how buying YouTube likes works for getting huge results.

Quality Video:

Make the only 2-minute video when you are going to promote your business or brand. Try to focus on the quality videos that spread your message in a good way. If you have a channel where you want to promote your product using simple videos then create a series of video that showed your products being used. For example, if you are a maker of hand functioned fruit juicer machine then work on these type of videos that showed your machine being used to squeeze the juice.

Targeted Audience:

YouTube is the best platform to get targeted audience as billions of users views YouTube videos every day. But remember to come up with interesting ideas that draw the attention of many people. Use simple yet interesting titles for your videos. But don’t exaggerate things and put most relevant keywords that make your videos more searchable. Use Google keyword planner to search relevant keyword for your video. Write a good description that explains the functioning of your product and put relevant tags.

Video Editing:

YouTube allows you to edit your video using its features like trimming and annotating. Annotations are basically text and you can position them anywhere in the video as watermark. Use these features to promote your website by adding links to your site or other videos.

Video Promotion:

You can promote your video by embedding it on your blog or another different blog. Share the links of your video on social media platform and forward your most watched videos to the subscribers of your newsletter.


Similar to Social media platform and PPC (pay-per-click) network, you can also buy keywords on this video sharing site, YouTube. Once you buy the keyword, you will get two lines text that displayed on your thumbnail (right-hand side) when someone searches this keyword using YouTube Search. Subsequently, you will get more views on your videos that will give you the ideal targeted audience.

Buy YouTube likes:

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Does buy YouTube likes actually work?

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