Marriage is a union, bringing two people together in a beautiful relationship of love. The relationship of marriage often only starts in love but may end up breaking vows and hearts. It is true that no relationship is effortlessly perfect, it has to be built into the best version of your perfection. But just as anything else, marriage lasts when it is taken care of. Here are the basic characteristics without which the marriage is bound to be broken.

  1. Believe in your love

Love is more than a mere word, it is more than just a funny feeling in your stomach. Love is the base of every relationship, especially marriage where two people vow to be together until death does them apart. Nothing in the world comes effortlessly, even love. Your unshakeable belief and dedication to your love are what makes it last.

The word love is not merely a physical attraction and affection, it is the care and empathy one has for the other, doing things for their loved ones selflessly, supporting them tirelessly. True love hardly exists any longer, but when it does, nothing can take it away from you.


  1. Empathy

In a marriage, your spouse’s issues are your issues and your spouse’s happiness is your happiness, vice versa. This level of intimacy can only be reached when you truly understand each other and hence hold complete empathy towards each other. Empathy requires both, your heart and your head in the same place as your spouse’s because the mind is where your senses are but love, love is where the heart is. Managing both at the same pace is the real challenge.


  1. Trust, Honesty and Respect

Trust is essential in a successful marriage and to build that, you both have to be completely honest, there is absolutely no room for doubts. Trust your companion when they explain themselves in a quarrel and be completely honest about your intentions too, so you know that your spouse can trust you too.

Only with trust and honesty comes respect in a relationship. You can obviously only respect your spouse when you see how they have gained their much deserved place in your heart through trust and honesty.


  1. Communication

A lack of communication is what mostly makes the marriage go down the road instead of up. When there has been a dispute, never leave the room or let your spouse do so before completely explaining yourselves. At times when things are left unsaid and unheard, complications arise. You must be expecting your companion to read your mind as to why your mood has been off lately, but they are no gypsies. Hence. Communicate.


  1. Patience

A successful marriage requires time and patience the most after it demands love and affection. All the above mentioned characteristics build up through time, with patience. A two day old marriage cannot be called a successful marriage, it requires facing challenges with patience.

Marriages include handwoven moments, created with blood, sweat, tears and these 5 essential characteristics.