Indoor games provide an escape from the blazing heat of sun, or the rainy weather that doesn’t allow us to have fun outside. Thanks to the indoor games, we can also have some entertainment while staying at home. There are many various kinds of indoor games that are a great deal of fun and joy. Thus, instead of watching television the whole day, games should be played that are both fun and learning.

Indoor games:

Following are some of the indoor games that you should play with your family.

  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Ludo
  • Tick and cross
  • Bingo
  • Card games
  • Hang the Man

And the list continues. All these games have different rules and give us something to learn that help us in our everyday lives.

Card games:

A deck of 52 cards will definitely keep you occupied. There are various games that can be played using these 52 cards. No one can ever get bored while playing cards since they are enough to keep you full time entertained. Custom Playing cards give you so much to learn like patience, cleverness, decisiveness, and self-confidence. Apart from playing, they are also used in magic and telling the fortunes of the other people.


Chess is a very interesting game if one learns how to play it. It isn’t quite easy, but requires a lot of practice and patience to master it. It is a mind game that will boost your intelligence, make you clever, and enhance your decision making ability.


It is a game based on buying and selling of properties. This implies how much the gamers can benefit from such a game. They will become aware of how they can use the money sensibly, how much profit they can gain if they buy or sell a particular property, and many things like that. This game will enhance the mathematical skill of the gamers.


This is a game that involves joining alphabets to make proper words. Hence, that will improve the vocabulary of anyone who play this particular game.

All the above mentioned games and many more like them are the best indoor games to pass time while you learn and have fun at the same time. Playing these games won’t allow you to get bored as they are pretty good in making you come back and play again. They also keep you refreshed and prevent you to feel low about not being able to go outside. Playing such healthy games is a productive way to pass your time. You won’t feel the changes these games might have brought in your mind and nature unless a moment comes in your life when you’ll need to apply those changes. Patience, decisiveness, self-confidence, financial management, time management, all these qualities are learned through practice. And, indoor games are the best way to learn all these. Analytical and problem solving skills are also polished by means of these games. Hence, you can pass your time both learning and having fun while playing the indoor games.