It’s important to design a content that is appealing and also works best for the business or brand. It is a great challenge though, particularly while running low on budget or having no such background in visual design. In the latest #SMTLive Twitter chat, the best ways of designing a social media content have been discussed. All the participants of the chat shared their top tips for the social media design. Many responses were reported, but they all belonged to the same three classes. Following are those categories which are based on the responses of the participants.

  • Consistency and sticking to the guidelines.

The first top tips to design a killer social media content is to go slow and steady. Time must be taken and utilized properly in order to develop a brand style guide. Consistency is the key. Even if a team is working on your brand, there should be only one person making the final decision to make sure branding remains consistent. The team can follow that consistent plan or idea. In being consistent, your posts and designs will be as much recognized as your brand. A bunch of dissimilar designs makes it difficult for the audience to identify that you’re the same brand. Thus, consistency is important.

  • Take ideas but be original.

The second step towards the designing of appealing social media content is to be original. Getting inspiration from others is good, but the end product should be your own. It’s good to share your ideas and content, but using your own image of the brand proudly is what really matters. Your main focus should be on what’s true to you as well as your brand. Don’t opt for something that you think is famous or popular since that may not be the true reflection of who you are, and what you are trying to promote. Thus, originality will get you to your goal of being a killer designer of the social media content.

  • Keep it simple.

Last, but not the least way you can design good social media content is to keep everything simple whenever in doubt. This will get you more followers rather than going for something complex and confusing. Simplicity is the key to your aim of designing awesome content on the social media. You can still appeal your audience while staying real and simple.

Thus, according to the participants who gave their tips on how to create killer social media content, consistency, originality, and simplicity are the main keys to reach the desired goal. While designing a good and attractive social media content, taking your time is important. Good things take time. Hence, the process must be taken on a slow pace. Finding inspiration from others, and sharing your own ideas will give you so much to learn and so much to think of.

At the end, the design must be your own creation. It shouldn’t be something copied. Lastly, keep it simple and real. All these steps will help you reach your goals.