Oral hygiene is the most important of all the hygiene, here is why.  Your body needs energy from food, whatever you eat, and the first path it passes is from your mouth, if your mouth is bacteria-free so will be the food you eat.

It means brushing your teeth twice a day and keeping your mouth clean.

For teeth, we have different kinds of toothpaste in the market and for mouth cleaning; there are mouthwashes of different brands. Mouth wash plays a similar role as a conditioner.

You do wash your hair but the end product, the conditioner adds extra shine and care. You will find different kinds of mouthwash in the market. Some with different flavors like mint etc.

Here is why and what types of mouthwashes are best for adults.

Types of mouthwash

There comes a variety while talking about mouthwash. Some mouthwash is used to kill the bacteria while others are used to save you from bad breath. They are the normal type of mouthwashes. Some mouthwashes contain fluoride just like our toothpaste.

But these kinds of products are not too much encouraged to be used as not to increase the fluoride intake, it should be limited. Natural mouthwashes are best to use. As they are alcohol-free mouthwashes. It’s good to use natural ingredients.


It has a complicated chemical formula which is used in the required amount so that your mouth doesn’t get hurt. It has Listerine, fluoride, chlorhexidine gluconate, etc.

Children are advised not to use mouthwash. Adults need to use it for oral hygiene. Just take a sip and do gargles. Don’t drink it.

Check up

Always consult your doctor. Visit the dentist often. Give your teeth a proper check-up. Using mouthwash for a long period may not be advisable.

The dentist will decide how long you should use it. Using it for a long time may stain your teeth. And nobody wants that. So make visits to your dentist if you love your teeth and have a healthy oral regime.

 Best choice

There are many best choices when it comes to mouthwash. You need to decide what the problem with your oral hygiene is. Is it the bad breath or your yellowish teeth or is the plaque that’s causing bacterial infection.

Every problem has its mouthwash with the proper amount of ingredients that helps you with any of your oral problems. Mint flavors are the most popular to use as they have a good smell and you feel minty fresh.

Oral hygiene

When you intake any kind of food, you need to wash your mouth along with brushing your teeth. Have your favorite food but don’t forget to brush and then use a mouthwash.

Never drink the liquid of it as it contains ingredients that might be not good for your body.

Just do the gargles for one to two minutes. Make it your habit and you will see the positive results within a few days. You will have a fresh breath and a clean mouth.

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